Week of April 29- May 3, 2019


Monday 4.29.19-Today we have our assessment on the Civil War overview. Students can best prepare by studying their study guide notes in the Google Classroom. 

HWK:  none

Tuesday 4.30.19-Today we will explore various facets of the Civil War in greater detail. Today will be begin by understanding the disunion of our states by looking at the social, economic and cultural differences of the north vs. the south in 1860. 

HWK:  Complete the in class activities under Goal 1 in the Google Classroom. 

Wednesday 5.1.19-Today we take a look at the reasons that our nation sought to enter a civil war. We will explore the states of the union and those of the confederacy by visually creating a map and completing an analysis writing activity. 

HWK:  Complete the in class activities under Goal 2 in the Google Classroom. 

Thursday 5.2.19-Today we will explore the Battle of Antietam and Emancipation Proclamation that would follow this battle. Students will work in small groups to analyze this document and the words contained within. 

HWK:  Complete the in class activities under goal 3 in the Google Classroom. 

Friday 5.3.19-We will discuss life on the homefront for the families who were left behind. Student groups will participate in an in class activity analyzing scenarios experienced by families around our divided nation. 
HWK:  none

Upcoming Events: 

Spring Field Trip to Beechwood Farms is Friday, May 17th--Permission slips were sent home on Monday, April 29th. 
SPMS Celebration of Excellence--Wednesday, May 8th from 6-8:00 PM. 
Soldier's Heart novel begins May 16th
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Have an awesome week!