US History Simulations

Simulation - Vietnam

Pentagon Papers from the National Archive

Lyndon B. Johnson Foreign Affairs

Lyndon B. Johnson and the Vietnam War

Vietnam War Progression

U.S. Involvement in the Vietnam War

Simulation - Cuban Missile Crisis

Hawks vs. Doves: The Joint Chiefs and the Cuban Missile Crisis

The Role of the Executive Committee in the Cuban Missile Crisis

Robert Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis

BBC Page on Cuban Missile Crisis

The Real Cuban Missile Crisis

History Today article

Audio Clips from the National Security Archive

Transcripts of ExComm meetings

Simulation 3 - Isolationism


Lend-Lease and Military Aid - From the Office of the Historian

Lend-Lease Act from

Roosevelt Speech from White House Correspondents Dinner

Roosevelt Explaining Need for Lend-Lease

Roosevelt on the "Arsenal of Democracy" from fireside chat (transcript)

Council on Foreign Affairs on Lend-Lease Act

 Lend-Lease from Library of Congress, Includes Photos

Senator Robert Taft speech against Lend-Lease

Photos Used to Promote Lend-Lease:
Churchill and American Tank
British Children who were evacuated being fed a meal from Lend-Lease items
Child drinking orange juice supplied through Lend-Lease

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-Search for Lend-Lease

Simulation 1 - Age of Imperialism

1899-1913 - History of the Department of State

The World of 1898: The Spanish-American War

William McKinley from

William McKinley bio and essays from University of Virginia

Seeking Empire - Use the NEXT button at the bottom of the page to navigate

William Jennings Bryan anti-imperialism speech

Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University - Use the search box

Expansion and Empire, 1867-1914 - University of North Carolina

History Matters - Use the SEARCH box at the top of the screen

Age of Imperialism - Textbook chapter

POWER Library EBSCOhost - Click General Reference, EBSCOohst, High School Search

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-Spheres of Influence, 1776-1914
-Americas and the Caribbean